Dr. Ian Stern is a licensed chiropractor and certified clinical nutritionist who has been dedicated to providing a unique approach to healthcare. Practicing in Brooklyn, NY for almost twenty years, Dr. Stern has had the good fortune of sharing in the success of 1000’s of patients all over the tri-state area. He has a strong belief in analyzing each patient as an individual recognizing that all injuries and pains are individualized in nature, with the goal to address the primary cause of dysfunction, be it physical or nutritional.


As someone who has completed the NYC triathlon, is an active participant in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu along with regularly being in the gym, Dr. Stern unfortunately has had his own share of injuries (torn elbow ligament, torn rib cartilage, herniated disc) yet has used these experiences to help formulate his chiropractic and nutritional philosophies on surgery and medicine free healing. He understands the hard work and dedication it requires to overcome injuries and be at one’s best.