Dr. Ian Stern took care of me so that I could stay on the mats teaching and training
with my students in times when I really needed his help.
— Marcelo "Marcelinho" Garcia - Brazilian grappler and jiu-jitsu competitor considered by many to be one of the best pound for pound submission grapplers in the world, Garcia has five world championship titles in Brazilian jiu-jitsu as a black belt in the middle-weight category.
If I hurt my back again in the future and for some reason didn’t live in the New York area anymore, I would fly to see Dr. Stern! He’s the only professional that’s ever made me feel like brand new in such a short time after such a devastating injury. The time I’ve worked with him has gradually helped relieve me of pain, helped me stand up straight, walk, move well while dealing with compensation, all the way into getting back to strength training and CrossFit. The constant test and re-test of movement throughout the sessions shows his perseverance in addressing and fixing the problem until the patient is moving better! His knowledge is accumulated from so many different types of therapies that I feel like I went to an ART, a Chiro, a wellness Doctor, and a physical therapist all in one. His understanding of athletes and the eagerness to get back to training and back on the competition floor has made me both a satisfied customer and a fan for life.
— -Andrea Ager, American professional CrossFit athlete.
Doc Stern really goes out of his way to help all his patients. I’m glad to be one of them.
— Phaidra Knight, USA Women’s National Rugby Team
When competing at a high level in any sport, it is important to put as much effort into recovery as you do into training. Unfortunately, it is not alway easy. I have learned this lesson the hard way, suffering from debilitating injuries in my shoulder, back, and knee. With all of these injuries, I had my doubts that I would ever return. And every single time, Dr. Stern was able to work his magic, and get me back to top form. I’m fairly confident that if it wasn’t for his enchanted thumbs, I would be in a wheelchair right now. I cannot thank Dr Stern enough for everything that he has done.
— David Charbonneau, 2x Crossfit Games athlete (Dynamix)
I’m a full time Brazilian JiuJitsu athlete and the every day grind of training over time takes it’s toll on the body. I found the best and most efficient way to maintain a high level of performance and well being was to go into the healing arts, such as chiropractic. Dr. Ian Stern has helped me tremendously for a couple of years now, keeping my body well tuned and balanced with the care he provides me.
— Philzinho Balmant, Brazilian Jiujitsu athelete at Marcelo Garcia Jiu Jitsu
I do not know the right words that can truly describe how incredible Dr. Stern is. I have been to numerous Doctors and Chiropractors in regard to sports specific injuries (crossfit) and he has been the most hands on and caring about my individual needs. He has magic hands and would recommend him to all my teammates, friends, family, and clients.
— Farouk Houssein- Crossfit Team Dynamix and The FHitting Room
I found Dr Stern through a recommendation from my business partner. I was leery considering I’ve been to half a dozen chiropractors before with limited results. As a competitive strongman and Powerlifter I’ve racked up my share dings. I’ve had back pain that was consistent. For years. After one adjustment it was more or less gone. Since working with Dr Stern I’ve managed to add 200lbs to my competitive total and stayed injury free. In 2014 I won the world drug free powerlifting championship, and placed on the top 3 of a regional strongman contest. None of this would have been possible without his attention and care to keeping me healthy and injury free.
— Scott Rogers, 2014 World Drug Free Powerlifting Champion
Dr. Stern cares deeply about his patients. Never have I felt such palpable compassion from a doctor in my life. As a global explorer I’m constantly engaging in hi risk physical activities that require my full strength. Dr. Stern helped rehabilitate my chronic lower back and shoulder pain, all while sending me some much needed positive vibes. Thank you brother!
— PBS TV Host International speaker National geographic young explorer Chris Bashinelli
From the time that I was a teenager, I have competed in sports that were fairly destructive to my body. Years of wrestling, powerlifting, and kickboxing left me with chronic pain and limited mobility. I first came to Dr. Stern after a particularly bad powerlifting injury left me barely able to stand up straight. I was a little skeptical that a chiropractic session could offer me any real relief but I had friends that swore by Dr. Stern so I decided to give it a shot. Boy was my skepticism proven wrong. I walked out of the office feeling 90 percent better after just one session. I made a vow to incorporate The Dr’s amazing adjustments into my weekly routine. Going there has allowed me to continue doing the things that I love while keeping me pain free. My mobility has also increased dramatically which helps me to avoid future injury. This guy is a chiropractic magician. Thank you!
— Micheael Chulak, Co-founder of Real Results NY Personal Training/ NY State Powerlifting Champion
Dr. stern is one of those doctors that you imagined when you were growing up! The kind and compassionate ones that always had a smile on their face and “fixed” everything. I have been going to dr.stern for several years now (for a few different issues) and he has been beyond helpful in healing me and giving me diet adjustments! I highly recommend him.
— Ina Cami
I started seeing Dr. Stern back in 2010. After many years in the Martial Arts it finally started taking its toll on my body. You name it, it hurt. He takes special interest in all of his patients and will go to great lengths to make sure you feel better. Dr. Stern’s demeanor is what you would expect from a doctor; his outgoing and warm personality is one of someone who genuinely cares.
— Michele Adornato
Dr. Ian Stern has helped me through countless injuries whether, minor aches and pains to more serious shoulder and hip issues that came from years of abuse through ice hockey. I can’t recommend him and thank him enough for keeping me active, mobile and pain free.
— Justin Wolfgang, Crossfitter
When I’m suffering from my common clumps of knots by my scapula it effects my whole body. The chain reaction brings dull headaches, tiredness and the constant aches that starts from the knots and radiates further.
When time goes by without seeing Dr. Stern I know exactly what needs to be done and where; but nobody can do that for me... But when I go see Dr. Stern he naturally does every single thing I need! He knows! After he does what he does best it is truly amazing how perfect and normal I feel... That’s what a healthy body feels like; wow!!! Besides his ability to drastically improve your physical imperfections, he also helps with advising each person to improve how their body functions from the inside out! Dr. Stern does it all. He is passionate about helping people and it’s genuine. He will advise his patients and friends how eating good nutrition and a certain way of eating for certain ailments can help you feel better. If a person needs extra help with supplements someone’s body needs to heal an ailment he advises each individual accordingly. I know and feel comforted in the fact that Dr. Stern has learned a lot from his past and continuous education but mostly in personal experiences with all his patients and himself as well... He practiced what he preaches. He is a wonderful person all around! I’m lucky to have known him for all the years that I do! I’m a Personal Trainer and he is who I refer my clients to if and when needed! I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone for almost anything. A great doctor and a great person!
— Laurianne LO
You have gone above and beyond since I first ordered ultimate endurance. I have been amazed at your level of correspondence. Your interest in not only my experience with your product but in my exercise regimen, my diet and all the helpful information about both has been outstanding. And your concern and help (including a sample of your new product) since my surgery has been very much appreciated. I bought some energy pills and feel very much like I gained a friend. Good Value.
— ‎Lee Williams
Over the years Dr. Stern has truly helped me with injuries ,along with chronic joint and muscle pain. His adjustments are what I look forward to, especially when I come out feeling like a new person that is pain free. Aside from the adjustments Dr. Stern has helped me transition into a healthier lifestyle by eating right and doing what works well for my body. He is truly a wonderful and caring person who goes out of his way for his patients. I’m very thankful and honored to cal him my Doctor.
— Roberta Royzner
When I cam into your office complaining about my shoulders you continued to adjust me week after week and we both started to notice an improvement in my spine. I thank God for you. I will continue to see you again. You are a god send. Love the supplements you have in your office. They helped me tremendously.
— Geraldine Stokes
Before I started going to Dr Stern it was hard for me to walk for extended periods of time without extreme pain, which sometimes led to my knee buckling as well as constantly tripping over my foot, due to breaking it several years beforehand which affected the muscle as well.After going to Dr. Stern, it became easy to walk, with no pain, and I am no longer re-injuring my foot
I have been going to Dr. Stern for acute issues for about 2 years. First, after a shoulder dislocation he helped me get back to having full range of motion and back to my regular activities. I also saw him for lower back issues which have now resolved. Recently he has helped me get through a knee injury and slowly I am getting back to doing what I love...weightlifting. His entire staff is very helpful, kind and work with you to make the process of getting better easier. Dr. Stern explains everything to me and in doing so I always leave more knowledgable then when going in. I recommend him to all my family and friends.
Dr. Ian Stern has helped me through countless injuries whether, minor aches and pains to more serious shoulder and hip issues that came from years of abuse through ice hockey. I can’t recommend him and thank him enough for keeping me active, mobile and pain free
For the past four years I have been suffering from extreme hip and lower back pain. I’ve seen multiple specialists with no noticeable recovery. Dr. Stern proved to be an amazing discovery! After just one visit my pain was already improving. That is because Dr. Stern does not use the same routine methods used by most Chiropractors and physical therapists. Extremely well knowledged and genuinely enthused in his profession, he employs treatment methods geared toward each individual patient. He even consistently modifies a workout, nutrition and supplement routine which serves my specific needs as my life circumstances (and body) change. I am always highly impressed with his level of expertise and his commitment to his patients. My husband and I have been visiting Dr. Stern for three years now and could not imagine being treated by anyone else. He is not only an exceptional doctor but a truly positive spirited individual.
— Jennifer Ulitsky
Dr. Ian Stern is one of the most exceptional individuals I have ever met! He consistently goes above and beyond to provide individualized care and attention to each of his patients to a greater extent than any other health professional that I have encountered. Furthermore, he has an open and warm demeanor and places a greater emphasis on patient care than financial gain. If you have ever dealt with the medical system then you know how uncommon and wonderful it is to find someone who embodies these qualities. Dr. Stern is fully committed to helping his patients heal and is willing to do whatever he can to alleviate their distress. As someone who has an aversion toward commuting, it says a lot that I am willing to travel for over an hour to have a session with him. I have full confidence in his expertise and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for an improved quality of health! I certainly feel incredibly fortunate to have found him!
— Dr. Regina Lazarovich
In the winter of 2009 I was going through the unbearable pain of having multiple herniated discs in my spine. I wasn’t able to sit, sleep, or even walk around without being in incredible pain. Being involved in combat sports my whole life the pain and inactivity was killing me. After declining the requests of numerous traditional allopathic doctors to get “pain relieving injections” into my back, I was starting to lose hope and thought that either surgery or a lifetime of pain were my only 2 options. I met Dr. Stern that winter and though skeptical, he told me he can fix me and get rid of my pain. I decided to give it a go because I had exhausted all of my other options and had nothing to lose. After 1 session with Dr. Stern I felt a ton of relief and I was able to sleep again!. After about a month of 3 sessions a week I was already training full time and feeling back to my normal self. I have been going to Dr. Stern ever since and he has helped put me back together numerous time. I am truly grateful to Dr. Stern and his caring effort in healing me, my family, my friends and all my martial arts students! Thank you!
— Rome Za , founder of OMGMMA Mixed Martial Arts Studio
Thanks to Dr. Stern adjustments and Ultimate endurance supplements I have more energy during my workouts! His new flex and repair formula helped me recover much faster. I feel awesome!!!
— Frank Ciminiello
My experience with Dr. Stern has been nothing short of incredible. I started going to him a few years ago, when i was training for powerlifting competitions. My joints were all out of whack and I had heard that he was the best. Well, he exceeded my incredibly high expectations by leaps and bounds.

After one of my competitions, I developed a tear in my rotator cuff and was really struggling with the injury. I went to Dr. Stern and through his deliberate work and guidance, I was injury free within 2 months! About a year after that, I developed elbow tendinitis, an injury that usually stays with people for a LONG time. That is, unless Dr. Stern is involved. He treated my injury for 2-3 months and my elbow has been 100% healthy ever since!

His unmatched chiropractic talent is only bested by his love for his patients. It is very rare to find a professional that knows absolutely everything there is to know about his craft AND wholeheartedly cares about the people he works with. That is Dr. Stern in a nutshell.

I have referred countless members of my family, friends and clients to experience Dr. Stern’s extraordinary services and they have all came back with the most glowing reviews. And I am sure you will too!
— Dimitry Godzin, NY benchpress record holder at 150 pounds, co-owner of RealResults
I came in with barking knees, sore back and stiff neck. I left with a nutrition plan, exercise guidance and felt aligned in so many ways
— Mike Palumbo
I have been going to Dr. Stern for acute issues for about 2 years. First, after a shoulder dislocation he helped me get back to having full range of motion and back to my regular activities. I also saw him for lower back issues which have now resolved. Recently he has helped me get through a knee injury and slowly I am getting back to doing what I love...weightlifting. His entire staff is very helpful, kind and work with you to make the process of getting better easier. Dr. Stern explains everything to me and in doing so I always leave more knowledgable then when going in. I recommend him to all my family and friends.
— Anna Davila
Hi doc, I remember meeting you a long time ago with my sister Laura, you were so nice and personable, I was nervous to have my first adjustment , but after my visit I felt great and was so surprised how relaxed I felt,, I need to make another visit soon, and need to get my wellness on!! Thx for doin what you do !
— Linda Palazzo Regina
Well, I have always had back problems. Bulging discs, spinal stenosis and sciatica always brought me pain. I once went to a chiropractor who wound up hurting me and making things worse. After years of swearing off chiropractors I spoke to a few friends and they swore by Dr Stern so I decided to try him out. I remember my first visit. I asked him to to adjust or “crack” me and told him about all that I had been through and that I was still skeptical. He asked me to lay down and after looking at me and just feeling around he asked me how long ago did I hurt my right ankle. I was pretty amazed because 2 yeArs earlier I torn my Achilles. I was wearing long pants so I knew he couldn’t see my scar. He said that he could tll by the way I stood and the position of my hips and body. My trust for him grew and he right there became my chiropractor. I’ve never felt better my whole life. He always knows just how to release the tension and alleviate the pain. I owe him a lot because at one time I never thought I could be pain free. Now I see him regularly just for maintenance. And I recommend him to everybody.
— George Mattera
My name is Jonathan German and I’m a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and instructor I have been training for 2 years non stop and training takes a tremendous toll on my body. I’ve had many injuries to my whole body from head to toe and I would have to wait weeks sometimes months to get back to training. since I started going Dr. Stern the recovery time had been reduced to days. He really knows how to focus directly on the problem explain what’s wrong and really get in there and work the problem out. Plus put me on a track to rehabilitate my issue to make me stronger to avoid coming back with the same issue. I’m truly thankful to have found Dr. Stern. He not only keeps me in the game he makes me better.
— Jonathan German
Dr. Stern has been my doctor and friend for 17 years. I never used Western medical doctors ever since studying yoga and nutrition many years ago- I felt the medical profession never looked at the body as a whole system and that nutrition and exercise plays a crucial role in the health and healing of the body. They were quick to prescribe drugs for everything which only leads to further complications and dependency. That was until I developed a severe herniated disc in my lower spine which was so painful I had to stay out of work for a while. I also had a limited range of motion in my neck. Dr. Stern treated me with spinal adjustments as well as certain yoga exercises to heal the disc. He also was quick to notice the shoes I was wearing and had me change them. I was impressed by his knowledge and ability to see a problem so clearly and know the perfect exercise for the specific need. He has a very gentle hand and an intuitive sense of touch . I feel very safe in his hands and trust him completely. I was eventually healed and able to return to work but I still go for spinal adjustments as a way to stay balanced. Things happen in life living on this physical plane and just day to day living can cause inflammation or strain. How wonderful to know there is someone as dedicated and caring as Dr. Stern to take care of you. I have recommended him to many people. He also has vast knowledge of the body as a whole system and is very versed in herbs and nutrition. He has treated ailments I had with only diet and or herbal remedies. I always recovered without needing drugs. I feel fortunate to have him as my doctor and feel grateful to him for being there for me.
— Eileen Abramoff
Dr.Stern thank you so much for helping me with my shoulder. I have no pain no more at all and I am even able to workout again and go heavy on the weights which is very important to me since I am a figure competitor!!! Thank you!!!
— Nel ly - professional body builder
The balance of science and hands on work with a thorough understanding of the patients’ needs is unparalleled. Past disappointments had me skeptical regarding any form of physical treatment. Thats when I met Dr. Stern who for me embodies the balance I was seeking. I came to Dr. Stern with an array of cumulative injuries both physical as well as neurological , a direct result of 7 years of fitness competitions. Dr. Stern very patiently explained the causes of each one of my injuries and also the course of treatment he would follow. I was so grateful to finally find someone who knew so much and amazed by the effective results in a short time. It’s been 2 years since my first visit and I can honestly say if you are receptive, Dr. Stern IS a healer.
— Vivian V.
Dr Stern is The muscle Guru. I went in there with a sport injury in my rotator cuff and found other pre existing issues that I didn’t know I had. he had me active again in weeks. When I later developed gastrointestinal issues due to stress dr stern used his genius methods and old school style of cupping to give me relief. My GI doctor couldn’t believe how fast my ulcers were healing. I recommend dr stern for everything and anything. There is not one injury or issue he can’t tackle and even if he can’t fix it right there he will find a way to give relief no matter what. I swear by him. I send all my athletes to him and recommend him to everyone.
— Eleni Misetzis, Owner of Prep & Rep Kitchen
I visited Dr. Ian Stern for chronic lower back and hip pain. The pain was so bad at times that i wouldn’t be able to support my own weight. Dr. Stern identified the cause of my discomfort and completely corrected the problem in no more than three visits. Dr. Stern’s fantastic demeanor, professionalism, and expertise has proven me foolish for all those years i spent discounting chiropractors instead of seeking proper aid.
— Lo Cas
I first came to Dr. Stern for a tear in my shoulder. Initially it was so painful I had trouble putting on a coat! With Dr. Stern I was able to rehab it while training and avoiding surgery. Since then I’ve seen him for problems with my leg and hip and he’s helped me every time. I recommend him to my family and friends and trust him 100%!

You are extremely humble, passionate, and kind - something rare in people nowadays and that is a great set of attributes. Not only as a person but as a doctor. Just like my father, you treat your patients as friends - I never felt like I was going to the “doctors office”. As for your professional work, advice, and recommendations - those are all 10 out of 10s in my book. You are never content with your work - you are always looking into new techniques and methodologies - you are not stuck in that comfortable position, and you aren’t afraid to explore other options outside the box. That’s how people, particularly doctors, should be - you don’t see that in your typical doctor. So that is another thing that sets you apart from other professionals.
— Anthony Buscaino
You have helped me in so many ways. my headaches, my mid and lower back. I love when you check me after the adjustments. And if I still need correction you adjust again. I always leave your office feeling better than I came in. I thank God for you. May God continue to bless your healing hands.
— Isabel Morales
There are really no words that do Dr. Stern any kind of justice. Not only is he incredibly intuitive and knowledgable about the human body. He’s genuine interest and care for every single one of his patients is unmatched On any platform. I came to Dr Stern with a shoulder injury that 3 other dockers wanted me to have surgery on. Pain so bad, I couldn’t raise my arm above my head. He was my last resort, my hope and prayer that I wouldn’t need to go under the knife. Well, after seeing Dr. Stern twice a week for 3 weeks, not only was I raising my arm above my head again. I was back in the gym doing things I hadn’t done in months. He is an amazing man, who does not only have a gift for what he does, but has the purest heart I’ve ever known.
— Jessica Bam
I went to see Dr. Stern because I had pain in my hip. While there I mentioned a knot in my back/shoulder that I thought was permanent because no amount of massage could work it out. After a few treatments, I have range of motion that I have not experienced in years. I am so thankful
— Stacey Lynn
I went to Dr. Stern almost 7 years ago (who knows, maybe even before that). I had never been to a chiropractor before but I had not heard the best things about them. I heard that a lot didn’t know what they were doing, a lot of them were hacks and that they basically trick you into coming back, convincing you that you NEED them and creating a completely dependent relationship. So obviously, I was skeptical. I owned a gym at the time and was a personal trainer suffering through some pains and had MANY clients who had told me about Dr. Stern. I said, “Okay I’m going to give this a shot.” I’ve had terrible pain since I was 15 years old, and had suffered through it for another 15 more years (and still do). Desperate, after doctors and prescriptions and everything in between, I prayed that something or someone could help me. I met Dr. Stern and he was amazing. His demeanor and his heart immediately reached out to me as someone who was sincere and good and honest. Then he did his chiropractor thing on me. And holy crap, it was the most amazing experience of my life. He didn’t try to convince me to come every other day or buy a bunch of stuff. But besides the adjustments and the things that I guess chiropractors do, he tried desperately to help me with a diet and other remedies that could possibly help with my pain. He sent me for tests. He looked out for me when no other doctor would. They were all tired of me and my complaints. But Dr. Stern would not give up on me. He was the only one who would listen, and when I acted like a big baby (which was quite often) he knew when to calm me down and chill me out. He is an amazing doctor, as well as an amazing person. And whether I saw him every month, every week, or if I didn’t see him for a year, I always think in the back of my head, “I need to see Dr. Stern.”
Man. That reminds me. I really need to make an appointment.
— Rita Zee- Personal Trainer